Can someone with a disability:

  • access your website?
  • apply for your position?
  • use your software or product?

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Meet Michele

Hello, I'm Dr. Michele A. Williams (she/her), owner of M.A.W. Consulting. My accessibility journey started when asked by a software engineering professor: How would someone with a disability use what you’re building? Because of that, I’ve spent over a decade learning and working to ensure people with disabilities can access technology.

M.A.W. stands for Making Accessibility Work. I’m a disability advocate and ally who’s passionate about creating a world less burdened by discrimination and barriers. Equipped with 18 years of experience and expertise, I’ll help you and your teams better understand digital accessibility — and together, we’ll create implementable, impactful solutions unique to your organization.

If you're ready to make your content, your product, and your teams more disability-friendly, I’m ready to support you.

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I help organizations learn and integrate digital accessibility

Solutions suitable for companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

Accessibility Audits

Evaluate if your product is accessible using ADA, WCAG, and Section 508 standards with automated and assistive technology testing.

Training & Workshops

Enhance your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts to include disability, assistive technology, laws & standards, and how this fits with your processes.

Guided Consulting

Incorporate accessibility within your organization and your products through guidance, research, and resources, like disability-focused UX/UI feedback and design checklists.

Why this work matters

An accessibility consultant allows you and your organization to:

Address a civil right

Digital access is a legal imperative (and the right thing to do).

Expedite inclusion efforts

Convert high-level best practices into practical & specific action items.

Increase your audience

Leverage benefits of diverse team members and more diverse customers.