Practical advice, actionable steps, impactful results.


Baseline your accessibility efforts.
Learn if your product is accessible via automated, manual, and assistive technology testing based on standards such as WCAG.

Training & Strategy

Understand & incorporate accessibility.
Learn more about disability, assistive technology, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and how this fits with your processes and technology outcomes.

UX Research & Design

Go beyond compliance.
Gather feedback from users with disabilities then conduct design reviews to ensure the widest user group is being considered in your designs.


Through her strategic thinking, thorough guidelines/presentations, and well-organized training, Michele helped teams be more empathetic and considerate of accessibility needs from the very start.

Victoria Suwardiman
UX Researcher & Strategist

Probably the most valuable lesson has been a complete change in perspective: that good products, experiences and design are those that are usable and useful for everyone, and that accessibility can drive the thinking behind all of that.

Paul H. Smith
UX Designer & Product Strategist

Michele is very much THE BEST. She so patiently and generously shared her wealth of knowledge with us … and guided us in centering disability and ableism in our conversations around accessibility. If you need an accessibility consultant look no further!!

Camille Esposito
Brand Design Manager

What is Web Accessibility?

Also known as “A11y” (for the 11 characters between “a” and “y”),
this short explanation will cover what it means to consider accessibility.

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Start creating accessible and inclusive technology.


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