I’m Dr. Michele A. Williams, accessibility and UX consultant who can help your organization create technology accessible to people with disabilities.

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Baseline your accessibility efforts.
Learn if your product is accessible via thorough automated, manual, and assistive technology testing based on standards such as WCAG.

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Training & Strategy

Understand & incorporate accessibility.
Learn more about disability, assistive technology, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and how this fits with your processes and technology outcomes.

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UX Research & Design

Go beyond compliance.
Gather feedback from users with disabilities then conduct design reviews to ensure the widest user group is being considered in your designs.


Through her strategic thinking, thorough guidelines/presentations, and well-organized training, Michele helped teams be more empathetic and considerate of accessibility needs from the very start.

Victoria Suwardiman
UX Researcher & Strategist

Probably the most valuable lesson has been a complete change in perspective: that good products, experiences and design are those that are usable and useful for everyone, and that accessibility can drive the thinking behind all of that.

Paul H. Smith
UX Designer & Product Strategist

She brought a clear vision and a scalable plan for making the digital portfolio accessible. While her focus and passion was for UX research, she made time to support and consult with our massive design team through a series of open office hours.

Tommy Bishop
Design Strategist


Association for Computing Machinery
The American Institute of Architects

2021 Speaking Events

Duke Energy Corporation
“How Accessibility Applies to Industrial Spaces”
UX Lunch and Learn, March 2021

blackcomputeHER Conference
“Being All-Around Advocates: Teaching and Creating Accessible Technology Inclusive of People with Disabilities”
Virtual Conference, April 2021

PDX A11y (Portland Accessibility)
Whole-to-Part versus Part-to-Whole: How Sighted and Blind Web Navigation is Seen Differently”
Virtual MeetUp, May 2021

Start creating accessible and inclusive technology.

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