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Understanding accessibility takes guidance. I help you learn about disability, assistive technology, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and how this fits with your processes and technology outcomes. Presentations are completely tailored – no cookie cutter talks that don’t meet your needs.

UX Research

Guidelines only go so far. I help you gather feedback from users with disabilities, vital to the success of any project. This includes recruiting, protocol design, pre-test product checks, research facilitation, and post-test interpretation of results.


Accessibility is more than a checklist. I help consult on topics ranging from long-term accessibility strategy to day-to-day “how to’s”. Advising can include marketing messages, user tutorial content, even alternative text on key images.

UX Design

Technology users are diverse. I help you ensure the widest user group is being considered in your technology designs (visual, written, and interactive). This leverages years of direct user research, usage of assistive technology for testing, and expertise in design best practices.

Sample Projects

Webflow: How-To Article

Webflow wanted to start their accessibility efforts with an easy-to-implement article in their Webflow University. They are continuing to improve the creation tool internally while educating customers externally.

Webflow article top portion showing title and section links.
Webflow University Article:
Make your site more accessible

ACM: Virtual Conference Guide

The Association for Computing Machinery needed to meet the urgent demands for guidance on inclusive virtual conferences in response to COVID-19. The guide begins with educating organizers on disability and inclusion.

SIGACCESS page for "Accessible Virtual Conference" article, displaying the SIG Access logo prominently in the top left.
Accessible Virtual Conferences


Through her strategic thinking, thorough guidelines/presentations, and well-organized training, Michele helped teams be more empathetic and considerate of accessibility needs from the very start.

Victoria Suwardiman
UX Researcher & Strategist

Probably the most valuable lesson has been a complete change in perspective: that good products, experiences and design are those that are usable and useful for everyone, and that accessibility can drive the thinking behind all of that.

Paul H. Smith
UX Designer & Product Strategist

She brought a clear vision and a scalable plan for making the digital portfolio accessible. While her focus and passion was for UX research, she made time to support and consult with our massive design team through a series of open office hours.

Tommy Bishop
Design Strategist

Let’s build something great together.