M.A.W. stands for
Making Accessibility Work

I learned digital accessibility, and you can, too.

I’m an advocate and ally who has dedicated my life's work to making technology more usable for everyone and inclusive of people with disabilities.

A W3C-WAI Invited Expert, international speaker, published academic author, and patented inventor — I have the skills, knowledge, and passion to help ensure disabled people can experience the power and joy of great technology.

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Headshot of Dr. Michele A. Williams who is a Black woman pictured with short natural hair, clear rimmed glasses, and seated on an outdoor bench with a turquoise dress and yellow jewelry.


I have a B.S. in Computer Science, Masters of Software Engineering with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and PhD in Human-Centered Computing (HCC) with a focus on accessibility.


I’m grateful to have 18 years of experience including educating, advocating, and influencing user experience and digital accessibility at top tech companies, nonprofits, academic institutions, and more. This is all done through training, design consultations, user research (with disabled and nondisabled participants), and code remediation for building WCAG-conformant technology. Visit my LinkedIn to learn more about my background.


My research & designs have resulted in hundreds of industry product contributions, nearly 20 academic publications, dozens of international speaking engagements, and a patented invention. This includes my doctoral research consisting of a longitudinal project for Toyota Robotics running 20+ unique user studies with 80+ visually impaired participants! (And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention several fulfilled clients.)

As a digital accessibility expert, I’ve hosted and participated in several webinars, presented at numerous accessibility-focused conferences, and I guide folks along their accessibility learning journey on YouTube.

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