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UC Irvine UX Spring Intensive
"Tales of Accessibility Specialist: I wish I had better news..."
Guest speaker

Black Research Support Network event @ UNCC
Panel Discussion: "Tech PhD's in industry"
Guest panelist


#A11yTO - Accessibility Toronto
"The Double-edge Sword of A11y: How Both Academia and Industry Get Accessibility Wrong"
Conference presenter

Deque's axe con
"Research through broken lens: The need to 'shift left' in UX Research"
Conference presenter

UW CREATE Dub Series
"The double-edged sword of a11y: How both academia and industry get accessibility wrong"
Guest speaker


Webflow's No-Code Conf
“Accessibility at Webflow: How We Design with Disability in Mind”
Conference co-presenter

Greater Than Code
Putting Accessibility into Action
Podcast guest

Accessibility Talks
Whole-to-Part vs. Part-to-Whole: How Sighted and Blind Web Navigation Differs
Invited presenter

New York Times
“Accessibility as a Journey: A Panel Discussion”
Invited panelist

Duke University
“Accessibility is Not New, and Neither is Ableism”
Invited speaker for "Bias in Computing" series

Carnegie Mellon University
“Making Accessibility Work in Industry”
Guest lecturer

Duke Energy Corporation
“How Accessibility Applies to Industrial Spaces”
Invited speaker for UX Lunch and Learn

blackcomputeHER Conference
“Being All-Around Advocates: Teaching and Creating Accessible Technology Inclusive of People with Disabilities”
Conference presenter

PDX A11y MeetUp (Portland Accessibility)
“Whole-to-Part versus Part-to-Whole: How Sighted and Blind Web Navigation is Seen Differently”
Invited speaker


Inclusive Design 24 (ID24)
“Responsive Design vs. Magnification: Designing for Users with Low Vision”
Conference co-presenter

Collab Lab's Tech Talks Series
“What is UX?”
Guest speaker Elevating Conversations
“The Accessible Future of Tech”
Invited panelist

University of Michigan
“The Almighty Tab Key: Testing for Accessibility”
Guest lecturer

Carnegie Mellon University
“UX Research in Industry”
Guest lecturer

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC)
“Intro to Web Accessibility”
Guest lecturer

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference [Cancelled] 
“Equation Editors: Designing for the Needs of All Users”
Conference presenter