Making Accessibility Work For You

Headshot of Dr. Michele A. Williams who is a Black woman pictured with short natural hair, clear rimmed glasses, and seated on an outdoor bench with a turquoise dress and yellow jewelry.

Unlock the Power of Disability Inclusion

Accessibility is not just a legal requirement.
It's about addressing the needs of your diverse audience and ensuring everyone can engage.

  • Do you want to implement digital accessibility but need to know where to start?
  • Would you like to increase your product’s accessibility with minimal disruption?
  • Could you benefit from high impact, low cost wins plus a strategy for ongoing success?
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How I Do This:

I help organizations scale accessibility efforts by meeting them where they are and tailoring a solution for them. My training and guidance addresses real needs and is actionable from the start, rather than recycling generic content that doesn’t move the needle. 

I work with companies and organizations in 3 primary ways:

Accessibility Testing

Start by learning if your products and webpages are meeting accessibility standards via a detailed and thorough audit by certified professionals.

Training and Documentation

Educate team members on how to prioritize disability via customized training workshops and crafted internal checkpoints that fit your processes.

Consulting and UX Research

Onboard me to your team for direct feedback. I can also facilitate UX Research to hear directly from disabled customers.

Who I've Helped:

Pearson Education
ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
AIA - The American Institute of Architects

For more, view my case studies.

What Others Have Said:

“Michele is an invaluable resource for making products accessible for all users. With her guidance and unfaltering commitment, she has helped me and the UX team to build solid foundations in accessibility and compliance that I now bring with me to every project.”

- Nicole N. (Pearson)

Victoria Headshot

“Through her strategic thinking, thorough guidelines/ presentations, and well-organized training, Michele helped teams be more empathetic and considerate of accessibility needs from the very start.”

- Victoria S. (Civilla)

Camille Headshot

“Michele is very much THE BEST. She so patiently and generously shared her wealth of knowledge with us and guided us in centering disability and ableism in our conversations around accessibility. If you need an accessibility consultant look no further!!”

- Camille E. (Webflow)

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What will it cost?

My engagements typically start at $5,000 and vary based on the services we decide are best.

How long does it take to become accessible?

First, keep in mind that accessibility is a constant journey - as long as you are constantly evolving as an organization, accessibility is part of that. However, typically we can establish lots of quick wins within the first few weeks of our engagement and then work to ensure progress remains. 

With that, my focus is to educate and train as many folks as possible to know the basics. That way you can be more self-sufficient and not always reliant on outside consultants (and paying them in perpetuity). Conversely, if you are just looking for someone to do one-time remediation work, I’m not the best connection for you.

How can we measure success?

Honestly, in lawsuits avoided. While we can use the accessibility standard WCAG to calculate the number of issues flagged in an audit, accessibility starts well before you audit a final product plus WCAG is the floor not the ceiling.

Ensuring a person’s ability to engage with your digital assets has innumerable factors influenced by the significant diversity of disability. Thus, though accessibility work is aided by checklists and can be measured by tickets, my focus is on raising more awareness around the topic and embedding it within key flows. This ensures accessibility is just a natural part of our product processes, not a bolt-on at the end that isn’t ever properly addressed.

How can I know working with you will work?

While I don’t offer a “money back guarantee" on services, I’m happy to talk through how I’ve helped other clients on our free, no obligation initial consultation. Also, check out some of my prior webinars for a sense of my communication style as well as expertise. 

As a W3C-WAI Invited Expert with a background that includes accessibility audits, software engineering, and UX Research & Design, I am uniquely qualified to help everyone in your product development organization demystify accessibility and feel confident about dismantling barriers.

Overall, I am a qualified accessibility specialist passionate about helping others learn and grow in this area. People like me who are dedicated to this work don’t want accessibility siloed to just a few people; we want everyone to understand the key decisions that help ensure barrier free access. I have worked with several clients to do just that and I would love to see if I can do that for you as well.

Investing in accessibility doesn’t just protect you, it propels you forward.

Let's transform your approach to accessibility and unlock the true potential of your business.